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Welcome to The Secret Dog website.

Here you’ll find out about the Origins of The Secret Dog – how I got the idea for the book, the croft on Skye that inspired it, and how I wrote the book.

One of the reasons I wrote The Secret Dog is that I love dogs, and wanted to know more about working dogs.  On the Dogs and Working Dogs page, you’ll learn more about my dog and my research into how you train a working dog like Reggae.  We’ll also have a page for you to post photos of you and your dog —  My Dog and Me

You’ll find out more about me at About Joe, and about my illustrator, Tim Archbold at About Tim.  Just as I rewrite my books many times before you see them, Tim does many preliminary sketches before he’s satisfied.  We’re lucky that he’s decided to show us some of these early sketches.  (Illustrating The Secret Dog) You’ll also see an earlier cover of the book, and you’ll get a chance to vote on which one you prefer!

I love doing School Visits and events of all sorts.  On the School Visit page you’ll find out about these and learn how to book one.  As many of my readers may be a bit out of comfortable driving range from London, I’m willing to consider electronic visits.  There are also resources here for teachers and librarians.

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